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Much ado about nothing.

Well, I'm back and did I miss anything?
Not much if I'm honest. We seemed to get a left behind a little in the transfer deadline sweepstakes with the club failing to land any reinforcements (either permanent or on-loan) before the deadline whilst most clubs seemed to be involved in a certain amount of wheeling and dealing.
I don't believe it was for a lack of trying on Pearce's behalf as I think he does genuinely want to strengthen the side but circumstance dictated that he was unable to do so with the players he has in mind.
We knew already that he had run into a brick wall in his attempts at adding either Stelios or Steed Malbranque a couple of weeks ago, and I think that Pearce does have to be applauded if he has indeed refused to panic and splash out on someone he is not entirely convinced of as it does seem that certain managers have gone out and added a couple of players to appease the fans/board/press.
One confirmed bid we made was for Dane Christian Poulsen but the player was believed not to be keen on the move at this stage and also his club Shalke 04 indicated they would not have time to find a replacement for him due to the bid being made so close to the deadline.
One rumour I read which is believed to have been true is a move for Juventus forward Alessandro del Piero. To be honest, I don't know what to make of this one. If it is true, did the club think they stood a chance of landing him? Maybe they did get word he would be interested but it would have been a big coup to have landed him. Actually, make that a MASSIVE coup - almost as massive as his wages would have been.
David Sommeil was rumoured to be heading for the exit, but maybe the fact Distin is yet to return from injury has made Pearce think twice, but come the January window I would think he could be on his way back to France.
Overall, I think we needed certainly the midfield area strengthening as we will be a little exposed if we suffer a couple of injuries but I don't think there can be too many complaints that Pearce has decided to stick at this time with the hope that he will be able to work on a couple of deals and bring in new faces in January.