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Hark now hear.

Well, what with these pesky midweek games (of course, I mean vitally important World Cup qualifiers) going on at the moment it seems that there has been a bit of a low-key build up to the first derby of the season.
Somewhat earlier than usual and for some reason not shown live on Sky either. In fact, when was the last Saturday 3pm kick-off in a derby game?
Answers to the above on a postcard to the usual address please.
Back to matters in hand though, and it's time that we all focused on the derby, after all it is the biggest one without a shadow of a doubt in England.
Whats that you say? Newcastle-Sunderland, Liverpool-Everton, Villa-Birmingham or even Spurs-Arsenal. No chance. Nothing you can say or do will convince me otherwise.

My favourite Derby? Can't be anything other than the 5-1. The penalty box scramble where Pallister fell on his arse for the second goal is still to this day one of my favourite City goals, and did David White ever deliver a better cross for Hinchcliffe's header. Whatever four/five finger salute Fowler does to United fans, it will never match the one Hinchcliffe did. My United mate's comment post-game were classic 'as soon as I saw Beardsmore wearing no. 7 I knew we were fucked'.
Time to dig the video out methinks..

My worst Derby? A tough one as we have been on the wrong end of one or two, but the 3-2 defeat at home back in 1993, after we had gone 2-0 through a Niall Quinn brace gutted me. When it became 2-1 after a Vonk error, I knew if they got another we were done for and lo and behold we went and cocked it up. Came not long after United had done the very same thing against Galatasary to be dumped out of the European Cup. How ironic the chants became..

Anyway, in the bests interests of impartiality, neutrality, public spiritidness and other dull phrases, we'll put aside Derby day hostility, animosity and all-round piss-taking for one day as you can all check-out the interview I did for the website United Rant which appears today.
Despite being a United site, it's not a bad one I suppose (he says grudgingly). And before you think I've turned to the dark side, we'll crank up the Derby day stuff tomorrow.