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A dream come true Nico?

There once was a young man who had a dream. The dream was to be the best he could be and play on the best stage at all. He didn't care about money, just fulfilling his dream. The problem was, where he was could not make his dream come true so he had to escape to a place where his wish could come true.
So he went to Turkey and signed for Fenerbahce.
Fenerbahce began their 2005/06 Champions Leage campaign with an away trip to Milan last night, providing Nicolas Anelka with the chance to strut his stuff on the biggest stage of all - after all, that's what he wanted all along wasn't it?
And what did he show? Well, in my opinion, he showed everything that we are missing and for as well as Cole and Vassell have started why it was such a mistake to have let him go. And don't tell me we needed the money as six months later SWP was carted off to Chelsea for more than enough money to keep the club 'stable'.
Anelka played pretty much on his own last night (probably preferable to linking up with Macken) and led the line superbly, was strong and held the ball up well, linking in the midfield support (did her have that last season with us?) well as the Turks looked to counter-attack Milan. He came into the game far more in the second half, using his pace well against Nesta to carve out a half-chance before earning a penalty following a clumsy challenge from Rino Gattuso which brought them level before a stunning goal from Kaka restored the win for Milan.
It did make me feel a bit disappointed last night as I think back to the nature of his departure as given a chance Pearce could have got so much out of him and I would have liked to have seen what sort of partnership he could have built up with Andy Cole.
Above all, it made me realise what a talent he had, and, despite the criticism he received from many Blues (you know who you are) about being lazy and uncommitted (both false in my book), how much he was head and shoulders above the some of the rubbish he ended up playing alongside.