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Derby Day the scores were level , then the Goat was fed by Neville............................

Well somebody has to hold the fort as Danny lets the heady heights of writing fame take him on the rollercoaster of celebrity. He does deny a role in the next celebrity big brother but is considering letting a BBC docu-soap follow him on his quest to be the next Robert Maxwell.

So down to business , Firstly my favourite derby it all started one friday night in the MUEN , every blues favourite Neville brother the mustachioed , hard-staring , alleged mincing , son of a neville : Gary. The headline from memory went along the lines of 'Never lost to city' and conveyed the handsome hunks intentions never to do so. Cometh the hour , cometh the man ......

The last Maine Road derby , a makeshift centreback pairing of Mettomo and Weikens a mid week defeat at Wigan. Optism was not at an all time high , however , Veron lined up in centre midfield for the rags. As Yoda once said 'always hope there is..' Got to the ground reasonably early to see a hundred or so blues gathered around the Gene Kelly 'urging' the non-colour wearing reds to make there way back to the nations capital. It felt good to be blue.

Memory escapes me as to which goal it was that the England teams shop steward gifted to us , I do however remember my exact words 'take me now lord it doesn't get any better' strangely it did. As the kippax rose to a man to salute our new hero with every touchline run , Fergie in a rare show of humour decided to hand the Captains armband to Phil. Some days are worth the price of a season ticket alone.

The sight of Goater curling in around a helpless Barthez will live with me forever , as will the look on Mr Hard stare's face. Vile Eyal absolutely ran the midfield that day , his best ever game for city bar none.

Gary if your reading , sorry if your mums reading this to you ; could you bring down Andrew Cole (Quickly use a jedi mind trick to erase my pre season misgivings from anybodys memory) in the last few minutes would be nice then drop to your knees and bang your fists on the ground as he slams it home.