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City dominate Actim Index.

City's performance in the Derby last Saturday and all-round bright start to the season was even more evident this week as four members of the City squad feature in the Actim index top ten.
I must confess I'd not come across this before, but looking at how the rankings are devised it seems to be a development on the more standard Opta statistics that have been around for some time, assessing a players contribution and performance as well as taking into account the opposition team.
The Blues featured are Andy Cole (3), Claudio Reyna (5), Trevor Sinclair (7) and Joey Barton (8), whilst David James tops the goalkeeping rankings.
Ironically, three of the four City players featured are players who entered the season with much uncertainty around them and who had lots to prove. To their credit Barton, Reyna and Sinclair have been consistent this season and at times all three have paid tribute to the management skills and methods of Stuart Pearce for bringing the best out of them, with Sinclair crediting Pearce for the way he was come back from his injury problems.
There really does seem to be a buzz around City at the moment and Pearce must take most (if not all) of the credit for this and has got the team really believing in themselves. If we can sustain this run over the next ten games or so then who knows where this season can take us?