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An Apology.

Dear Mr Ferguson,

May I take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of everybody connected with Manchester City Football Club.

I was deeply ashamed on Saturday when I heard your comments about City coming to Old Trafford and adopting a defensive attitude in order to maximise their chances of winning. As you will know displaying commitment to cause and discipline to the formation are not the normal hallmarks of a City team at OT.

Furthermore , your stated ‘domination’ of the game was disgracefully overlooked by the one thing that can not lie : statistics. All of the Sunday papers had City enjoying between 45-48% possession! And to make matters worse they ‘claimed’ that city had 3 shots on target compared to your 2 ! Maybe you should consider not talking to the papers for a while like BBC1 who dared to disagree with you ? Do they have no idea what Total Domination Means ?

Also most TV channels chose to show the Andrew Cole 'Incident' towards the end of the game that could have made it 2-1. I suggest you have this deleted from all records as it may in some peoples eyes , make your 'never looked like losing' comment seem a little bit strange. And those who know nothing of the game (i.e. disagree with you) may think your tired cliches are a sign of man refusing to accept his sides sad decline.

That young upstart Pearce has obviously decided to translate the latin on the City club Badge ‘Superbia en Proelia’ and apply it as a team ethic. Pride in battle in deed , doesn’t he know that the attributes he has drilled into his players should not be used under ‘Old Trafford Rules’ we should have come and over commited in all out attack , thus allowing your expensively assembled forward line the rich picking that your unbalanced team deserved.

In the meantime I shall be writing to the FA to make sure theses dastardly deeds do not go unpunished and that retribution is both harsh and timely. So Mike Riley it is for the return derby.

Yours sincerely

Mr Banks

Nb- How is your horse doing ? or are we still not talking about the annoyance of the coolmore mafia that let glazer in ?