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Ride that Steed.

Earlier on today, City had a £4 million bid for Fulham's midfielder Steed Malbranque turned down. It is not expected to be the end of the matter as City office junior, I mean spokesman, Paul Tyrrell was quoted as saying 'We retain a strong interest in the player' - meaning, expect an improved offer in the next couple of days.
I think this would be a great signing for us and identified him as a player to go for as soon as the SWP cheque cleared. He is the type of creative player that we need in midfield (especially the centre) and would give us that ball carrying presence we have lacked since Eyal Berkovic departed, plus I have actually seen him attempt a tackle which is more than could be said of Berkovic. He has also averaged 10 goals a season at Fulham which would replace the loss of SWP in that respect.
I would hope that we make an improved bid in order to land him.

At least one horrible rumour can be put to bed now after Everton unveiled the signing of Phil Neville today for a fee of £3.5 million from United. There was that nagging fear that Stuart Pearce would go all crazy and blow some of the SWP money on him. Thankfully, Desperate David Moyes got twitchy and pulled the trigger on the deal to take Phil to Goodison.
It was a scenario that reminded me of a very cheesy nightclub on a Saturday night and a drunken young male. Picture the scene - it's getting towards quarter to two (or beginning of the season if you like) and after being blown out by Parker, Bellamy, Sissoko, Taylor etc, our young male (David Moyes) sinks his pint and thinks 'right, one last go' and manouveres onto the dancefloor where he sees someone who catches his eye.
'What's your name pet?' he enquires.
'Phil. Phil Neville' comes the reply, and a beautiful romance is born.