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Fowler in the news.

Despite being on the injury list at the moment, Robbie Fowler has made the headlines a couple of times over the last week, due to the forthcoming publication of his autobiography which is being serialised in the Mail on Sunday.
After slamming Sven Goran Erikson and chiding his style of management and tactics before the midweek game against Denmark (and to be fair, the performance didn't exactly counter Robbie's claim), he has turned his attention now on Gerard Houllier and Phil Thompson, believing he was forced out of the club by him and believes that he should still be leading the attack at Anfield.
It is an obvious fact to suggest that he is now not the player he was at Liverpool, and his catalogue of injuries has usually been the reason suggested for this (myself included), but reading his comments about his departure from Liverpool it is clear to see (although he does try to deny this) that he does still harbour some bitterness and resentment.
Clearly, he loves Liverpool and given a choice he would still be there (evident with his flashing of the four-finger 'salute' to United fans) and it is probable that he has lost some of the fire and motivation since he first moved to Leeds and onto City.
I have always been a staunch supporter of Fowler during his time at City, a time in which sections of the crowd have got on his back as he struggled with form and fitness (not to mention Nicolas Anelka) last season before he put a tremendous run together at the end of the season. Disappointingly, he is currently sidelined with a back injury which has allowed Cole and Vassell an early opportunity to get some goals and forge a partnership which could keep Fowler on the sidelines even longer.
You just wonder as he has now turned 30 and heads towards the latter stages of his career - not to mention his ever-expanding property portfolio, does he still have the desire to stay at the top and keep the passion in his game that he had when he was at Liverpool?
I'm not convinced entirely that he does but there must surely be an element of personal pride with a player and he still does have flashes of the talent he showed in his early twenties and hasn't lost the natural snipers instinct. I do think he also realises that this is his last chance at a top club and if it doesn't work out with City, whilst there will always teams interested in him he knows that he won't get another opportunity at the top.
I did back him for twenty goals this season, but he could be set for another in and out campaign and it is unfortunate to think that when we reflect back on his time at City we are going to be left with the same frustrations that he feels about his career since he left Liverpool.

As an add on to this, rumours continue to link City with a move for another striker, with Feyenoord's Dirk Kuuyt linked today with a £5 million move. Added to this, the News of The World rumoured Pearce to be looking to offload Fowler to get his wages off the books - could his City career be coming to an abrupt end?