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A foot in the door.

Fresh from a biting at the hands of Joey Barton for his troubles after trying to act as peacemaker, Richard Dunne promptly takes out his pent up anger and frustration on a hotel door.
Only Dunney goes and breaks a bone in his foot - an injury first described by Stuart Pearce as 'a slight crack' (or was that Psycho's analysis of the evenings events?).
Many an opposing forward on the receiving end of one of his 'challenges' must surely have sympathised with the plight of the door.
From missing the start of the season, it now emerges that he will miss the first THREE months of the season, tearing apart the backbone of last seasons side. Dunne was far and away player of the season last year and his absence leaves a void that now has to be filled by either Sommeil or Mills as the obvious replacement Nedum Onouha is also crocked (along with Weaver and Fowler), quickly evaporating what little pre-season optimism is remaining following the sale of SWP.