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England call-ups, or lack of them.

Whilst most of the press today led with the fact that Alan Smith had declined an England call-up to replace the injured Andy Johnson, deciding to turn out for United's reserves and jeopardise his future international chances, it occured to me that Darius Vassell could have signalled the end of his own international ambitions by signing for City.
Following Smith's snub, Sven decided to call-up Charlton's Darren Bent instead, pushing Darius further down the queue after being leap-frogged last season by Defoe, Johnson and Crouch.
Admittedly, he did have an injury-plagued season last year, but prior to that played an integral role in helping England to Euro 2004 and also played in most of the tournament.
However, it is suprising to think he may have played his last game for England, until you realise he may have fallen the same way as two former England internationals in Danny Mills and Trevor Sinclair, both players who played vital roles in the World Cup in 2002 yet have played the sum total of ZERO times for England since they signed for City and have both fallen so far off the international radar they would probably struggle to get picked for Scotland these days.
One player who did manage to keep his place in the England set-up after signing for City was David James, although despite turning in the most consistent form of his career was jettisoned by Sven following a media hounding at the start of last season.
So Darius, turn in the season of your life, out-score Rooney, Defoe and Henry in the Premiership, and you may still find yourself on the outside looking in.
Signing for City, seriously damages your international career.....