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Barton makes the headlines.

Joey Barton has again made the headlines - and this time on a far wider scale than he would ever had hoped.
Only a week ago after being sent home from the Blues pre-season tour and subsequently fined and ordered to attend anger control classes, he has unwittingly found himself playing a role in a murder manhunt.
Less than a week ago in Liverpool, teenager Anthony Walker was murdered by a gang in what police believe was a racially motivated attack. After making an initial arrest, police announced that they wished to speak to two further individuals - one being a Michael Barton, the younger brother of Joey. Police believe he may have fled the country to Europe and after being thrown into the spotlight once again, Joey has made a TV appeal for his brother to give himself upto the police.
In the appeal, Barton called the murder was "horrific" and "senseless", adding those responsible "must be brought to justice".
Hopefully, the appeal by Joey will have some impact and that his younger brother will hand himself over to police so he can help in whatever way he can to bring the killers to justice.