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Wenger shows his hand.

With another weekend of SWP to Chelsea stories once again firmly behind us (I can't wait for the News of The World to give it the 'you read it here first byline') and still no sign of SWP heading to London, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has subtly entered the race for his signature but made it pretty clear they will not be making a bid of Chelsea-esque proportions in order to land him.
In todays Independent, he was quoted as saying 'I like Wright-Phillips very much, but we are in a transfer market where you first have to let Chelsea make decisions, then come in when they have made that decision. That is because there is a price for Chelsea and a price for everybody else'.
Although City have so far been vocal in the fact that they do not want to sell SWP, any bids over the £20million mark are expected to trigger the sale. Interpret Wenger's comments as Arsenal will not be bidding anywhere near that for SWP and perhaps he is being very sneaky in that assuming Chelsea do not actually want him - as of yet they have not commented one way or the other, and so far SWP has not been seen dining with Peter Kenyon or sunning himself on one of Roman's fleet of yachts, then Wenger may be trying to get him at a knock-down price hoping City will be desperate enough to accept a bid in the region of £10-£15 million.
It's a clever tactic from Wenger and he probably knows that if he were to leave City, Arsenal would surely be SWP's preferred choice but the City board will face a severe backlash if they sold him at all, let alone on the cheap so unless Arsenal find some hidden reserves in the Highbury vault it will be Chelsea or nowhere for SWP this summer.