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Taking Cole to Eastlands?

With City fans barely having shaken off their Sunday morning hangovers with the news that SWP was Chelsea bound, Sky Sports news breaking news revealed that we were on the verge of signing a new striker. Swift work by the board we all thought and licked our lips in anticipation at which renowned international pedigree player would soon be donning the famous Blue shirt. And then all was revealed - Andy (sorry, Andrew) Cole!!!!
Memo to City board in ways to appease loyal fans following sale of best and favourite player:
Do not immediately go out and sign now mid-30's former United player whose best days are long behind him.
At best he was a striker whose record was inflated by playing with attacking Newcastle and Man United sides in the mid-90's. As a striker, this signing has filled me with less enthusiasm than the ill-fated Lee Mills loan deal.
What next? Expect to see such other former Old Trafford luminaries as Russell Beardsmore, Ralph Milne and Jesper Blomqvist sending their CV's off to Eastlands as potential replacements on the wing for SWP.