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Pass the source.

So, Steven Gerrard decides to eschew the overtures of Chelsea et al and decides that Liverpool is the place for him (despite saying 24 hours earlier that he 'has to leave') after all and promptly signs a new four year contract hours later - puts Rio's comments that 'these things take time' when referring to his own contract somewhat into perspective eh??!!!
The best bit over the last couple of days though was the 'investigate' journalism on behalf of the tabloid press desperate to steal a march on each other in the sales stakes.
Tuesday July 5th 2005 : Gerrard says he is leaving and Chelsea are the favoured destination. All of which leaves SWP out of the frame at Chelsea so the tabloid press lead with the 'story' that SWP will go to Liverpool as his replacement.
Wednesday July 6th 2005: Gerrard does the biggest about turn seen in football since United fans state 'we might as well see what Glazer has to offer'. All of this of course means that Liverpool won't be buying SWP and of course he will now be on his way to Chelsea after all.
Is it me or is a job on the sports desk of a tabloid newspaper the easiest job in the world? I'm sure that these people just surf internet forums and just pick out snippets of what people post and pass of as 'insider knowledge' or from a 'club source'.
The best bit is when they then claim that they led first with the 'scoop' when a player does actually sign for a club they predicted - conveniently forgetting that they had linked him with every other Premiership, Serie A and La Liga club around.
Roll on some real football action.