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Only one City?

The M.E.N. today reported that a group of disaffected Manchester City fans were in talks to set up a new club in protest at the way football is heading. Fed up and disillusioned with high ticket prices, soulless stadiums and Sky TV, they are hoping to have a new team up and running in one of the non-league pyramid leagues for next season.
The group state they are not going to be an 'FC City' as such and their dispute is not specifically with City but with football as a whole and the new club will be called 'FFC' - Football Fans Club.
However, given the publicity that FC United have had for their recent launch, then it is perhaps inevitable that comparisons (and accusations) will be made between the two.
Wheras AFC Wimbledon did have a geniune grievance over the decision to relocate the club to Milton Keynes and FC United - for all the pompous and arrogant posturing from the various groups involved, formed the club as a direct protest to Malcolm Glazer taking over, this organisation is setting a team up on the basis of issues that have existed in football for the past ten or fifteen years.
To me, if you are disillusioned with the game (at Premiership level) then stop going to watch it. It doesn't make you no longer a City fan. Go and watch a non-league side or even a lower league side, of which there are plenty locally.
Too dear to go to games? Match day tickets at City cost around £25. Surely that is not too high a price to pay if you compare it to other outlays you have (Sky TV is around £50 a month).
No atmosphere at the ground - create some. There are plenty of groups and organisations at clubs set up to do exactly the same thing.
This group may have honourable intentions, but their motives are misplaced. Fair enough if they have an issue with football, but you don't need to create a new club to address these issues as there are plenty of other avenues to take instead.