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Final year Blues.

Saw an interesting article on one of the websites the other day which took me by surprise a little as I didn't realise that we faced the prospect of losing more than half of what is our first choice team at the end of the 2005/06 season.
Despite the good work over the last season in locking SWP, Joey Barton and Richard Dunne up on long-term contracts, David James, Nicky Weaver, Geert de Vliiger, David Sommeil, Christian Negouai, Antoine Sibierski, Claudio Reyna and Robbie Fowler all see their contracts expire after the forthcoming campaign.
It was on the instruction of KK that this was to happen, as he believed it was not fair on both the players and the club to leave the next manager to inherit his predecessors side. It could work in the clubs favour as we have a side who are potentially playing for their futures, but on the other side of the coin could easily attract the attention of the Premiership vultures.
It does leave us in a situation though as Stuart Pearce has arguably the next six months to decide on the fate of the above players and it is evident that some or more vital to the future of the club. I've looked at the players whose contracts are expiring and analysed whether it is likely they will be offered new deals.
David James: Has been outstanding for us since signing midway through the 2003/04 season. An important part of the side who could attract the attention of Arsenal should their keeping problems continue this season.
Decision-The club have an option for a further year and I expect him to be number 1 for a few more seasons to come.
Nicky Weaver: Has had a horrendous time with injury but fought back to make an appearance from the bench against Boro. Needs a full injury free season behind him.
Decision- Should be offered a new contract, but will probably be just a short-term deal.
Geert de Vliiger: Signed as back-up to James last summer but injury wrecked his season. Will vie with Weaver for the back-up role this season.
Decision-Depends on how Weaver fares but may not survive beyond this season.
David Sommeil: Bright start with the club turned into a non-event and maybe on his way to Wigan this season.
Decision-No chance of being offered a new deal.
Christian Negouai: Hailed by KK as his most exciting signing but has bombed disastrously and last season saw him injured against Arsenal and sent off against Everton moments afte coming on.
Decision-No chance of being offered a new deal.
Claudio Reyna: Struggled with injury last season and had an indifferent start with the club but ended last season on a high and will have an important role now Bosvelt has gone.
Decision-Should, and will be offered a new deal.
Antoine Sibierski:Not most fans cup of tea and his City career has seen him shunted around different positions.
Decision- I'm yet to be fully convinced by him but Pearce appears to be a favourite so I expect a new deal to be given to him.
Robbie Fowler: Struggled badly at the start of his Blues career with fitness and form provlems but picked up following Anelka's departure. I expect him to score twenty goals this season.
Decision-The days of Fowler commanding a move to the elite Premiership sides are gone so I expect him to remain a Blue for some years to come.