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Marc-Vivien Foe R.I.P.

Tuesday June 28th 2005. Today is the second anniversary of Marc-Vivien Foe's tragic death whilst playing for Cameroon in the Confederations Cup Tournament.
I didn't know the man so I am in no position to write or say what a great guy he was to be around and how he did this or that but the BlueMoon site carries some comments and tributes from City players and staff which say it all in regards to what he meant to those who were close to him.
I remember watching the game in which he collapsed and it all seemed so unreal sat there just watching him lay there motionless. I think I will also remember a photo of him on the front page of The Sun the following day which I know upset a lot of City fans. It was a photo of him lay on the ground with his eyes wide open and all that you could see was the his eyes, staring motionless as paramedics and players stood helpless around him.
As a player it's fair to see his season with City didn't exactly him win him plaudits amongst most fans, but perhaps the biggest tribute I can pay him as a player was that in the last two seasons we have still not managed to replace him, his defensive strength and his goals - despite signing numerous midfielders since.
Marco, may you rest in peace.