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Free The Goat?

During the last week of relatively quiet news, Shaun Goater has featured in the M.E.N. a couple of times talking about the 'hell' of last season at Reading where he has been effectively frozen out by the club who will owe City a further £50,000 as part of the transfer fee which was agreed when Goater left City for Reading two seasons ago.
This effectively wasted Goater's season, and he ended the season on loan at Coventry. It is a surprise that Reading are holding off on paying this installment as he's a guy who could probably still score goals at that level and a lack of goals cost Reading a play-off place down the stretch. On top of this, they are not a poor club and could easily afford to pay this amount and it all leads to Goater having another miserable season as he still has one year left on his contract.
What has astounded me though is that looking around various message boards is the call from many City fans to bring Goater back for one last hurrah at City. Granted, following selling Jon Macken to Palace (although no tears were shed by yours truly there) we are down to the bare bones in attack and at present there has been only rumours of potential new signings, but does anyone seriously believe Goater could step into the City side and add something to us?
Admittedly, I was never sold on his 'talents' as a striker but he worked hard and deservedly earned himself a place in City history for his efforts during his time with us but I had to laugh as I read the pleadings of fans who think he could still score twenty Premiership goals. Especially with two seasons out of the Premiership and only playing eight games last year, he could struggle to perform in the Championship let alone the Premiership.
If it even came down to a straight choice between the Goat and David James to fill a strikers position for City this season, I'd be sorely tempted to tell Jamo to leave his gloves in the car.
Sorry Shaun, you may have some role to play at City again in the future, but it won't involve lacing up your boots I'm afraid.