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UEFA lifeline?

Sometimes I don't know what surprises me most about City fans - the pessimism or the optimism.
Within days of the 'it could only happen to City' doom and gloom following Robbie Fowler's last minute penalty miss against Boro which cost us a place in Europe, there was renewed hope as word went round that should UEFA award Liverpool an extra Champions League place should they win the Champions League against Milan next week then this would free up a UEFA spot that Liverpool would have competed in next season.
Searching around the internet there has been nothing confirming this, and as no real confirmation regarding the fate of Liverpool has come from UEFA then (at the moment anyway) it seems that some City fans have very overactive (and hopeful) imaginations.
Even if Liverpool are awarded the final Champions League place, I cannot see that we will be given the extra European place, solely for the reason that a Champions League place will surely have to be taken from another country and logic would demand that the UEFA cup place is then awarded to that country rather than handing England (and City) a further European place.