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New owners for City?

The News of the World (who else) reported yesterday that Formula 1 mogul Eddie Jordan is the spearhead behind a reported £100 million takeover of the club.
The alledged deal would pay off the debts we have against future ticket sales and also the loan which was given to the club by current chairman John Wardle. This would then leave in the region of £30 million available as a transfer kitty.
The deal is also believed to involve former Coventry chairman Bryan Richardson - who has been linked with previous takeovers involving City.
Continuing the Coventry link, the takeover would see Gordon Strachan given the managers job ahead of Stuart Pearce.
This is yet another takeover rumour involving City that has appeared in the News of the World, following on from the Russian takeover, the Norweigan takeover and every other Tom, Dick and Harry rumour that has appeared in the paper. Unsuprisingly, the club and Eddie Jordan have distanced themselves from the speculation today.
The paper is hardly the bastion to honest journalism and they probably have a success rate of one in ten for reporting correct stories.
The interesting thing to come out of this 'story' is the fact that most City fans are reluctant to want this particular takeover because of the fact that Gordon Strachan and not Stuart Pearce would be the man to take over in the summer, when they have embraced every rumour in the past as a potential life saver for the club.
This is a mark of the effect Pearce has had on the club over the last half a dozen games and the positive future most fans are beginning to imagine - with or without European qualification this Sunday, following the period of apathy that the fans and club had began to sink into during the latter part of the Keegan reign.
Pearce is a unanimous choice amongst the fans to take over and any takeover bid that didn't include Pearce as the manager would meet immediate opposition from the City support.