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Good to see the campaign to save United from the evil clutches of Malcolm Glazer continues to gather momentum as we head towards the United boards next takeover deadline of 17th May.
What the gallant folk of the I'm USA, Manchester Education committee and Men In Black 'organisations' feel they can actually stop, when 'their' club is actually a plc, giving anyone (with sufficient financial resources) the right to buy as little or as much of the club as they want, is a strange one.
However, noble causes and all that - so it was good to say that United's famed worldwide support were mobilising their legions to fend off the threat of Glazer by marching from the real Old Trafford onto the football ground in protest before campaigning outside the ground instead of watching the forthcoming game against West Brom.
However as the BBC sport website reported, their attempts have been thwarted by this very same worldwide support which United fans claim is an overstatement. It seems that for many fans, they are not prepared to boycott the game when they travelled far and wide from across the country to support 'their' team.
You're the pride of Manchester. Don't you believe it...