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Goal drought at Eastlands.

To prove that Kevin Keegan and cavalier attacking football are not always synonomous comes the news that Eastlands witnessed the lowest number of goals scored on a Premiership ground this season.
Just thirty-eight goals were scored in total at home this season and it is little wonder that many fans felt that there was an air of lethargy around the stadium this season until Stuart Pearce took over the side and saw City score seven times in the final four games.
That is the irony of how the Keegan reign ended, in that in establishing a more solid defensive outlook (we had the fourth meanest defence in the league behind Chelsea, Arsenal and United) this season in order to ensure City stabilised and had a chance to progress, he sacrificed the approach that endeared him to the hearts of many City fans in the first place.
In adopting a safety first approach this season he gave City fans the stability in the Premiership that they wanted after years of bouncing up and down the divisions, but it became apparant that this approach had a limited appeal and that the ceiling of a mid-table position did not provide the hope or meet the expectations of City fans.
The early stages of the Pearce reign appear to show an attacking game with more imagination and options than the Keegan side could display. With the defensive personnel appearing set for next season, the off-season midfield and attacking additions could provide an interesting clue to Pearce's gameplan for next season.