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Asa sacked!

Stuart Pearce has made his first mark on during his reign by axing reserve team manager and long time City employee Asa Hartford, and brought in former Southampton boss Steve Wigley as his replacement.
It came as somewhat of a suprise as the rumours circulating recently have been who he would bring in as his number two and also because Hartford has been part of the furniture at City for more than two decades.
Wigley also had a disastrous spell in charge at Southampton earlier this season which did not enhance his reputation.
However, Pearce is confident he has the right man and looking into his CV he does fit the bill perfectly. The responsibilities he has been given are probably more wide ranging than Hartford had and although he has the title reserve team manager he will effectively be the link between the academy and the first team.
We undoubtedly have the best group of youngsters we have had for sometime and realistically there is not much money in the pot to fund new purchases so it is imperative that the youngsters coming through have the best experience available to bring them through over the next five years as potentially there could be half a dozen 'home-grown' players in the line up by then.
The majority of Wigley's career has been spent in an academy role and has brought some good players along at Forest and Sheffield United so to me is a better option than Hartford, although in no way taking away anything from his contribution and loyalty to the club.
Pearce has hailed Wigley as the best signing of the summer, and even if he brings only one player through who otherwise would not have made it then surely the move is worthwhile?