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Anelka opens his mouth.

It is not often that former Blue Nicolas Anelka does open his mouth, but when he does he invariably causes controversy. And so, less than six months after signing for Fenerbahce from City he has expressed his desire to sign for recent European Champions Liverpool.
His comments have generally provoked ridicule from City fans on various message boards with most labelling him egotistical with an over inflated sense of his talent. Personally, I am an Anelka fan and used to cringe whenver fans cried out for the return of Goater or Dickov, as City fans in general prefer graft over ability.
But, are we a better side without Anelka?
Blatantly, we aren't as you cannot lose a player of his ability from you line-up, replace them with BWP, Macken or Sibierski and say it is an upgrade. I also felt Anelka suffered from Keegan's indulgence of Robbie Fowler and it was pretty obvious the Anelka-Fowler combo was not going to be a success. However, it cannot be argued that in essence we are a better 'team' without him and (certainly under Pearce) the side looks a lot moe cohesive and united.
However, I for one think that Anelka is a match winner and the type of player who can make a difference in a game to turn a draw into a win for you. At the time of his departure I wrote in 'City Til I Cry' that I cannot blame him for wanting to leave City as we had not made any progress as a club for the previous two seasons, but in the manner he engineered his move his time at City was forever to be tarnished by the manner of his departure.