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Playing for keeps?

Birmingham City at home tonight and most Blues on the back of the last home game against Liverpool and encouraging performances under Stuart Pearce so far will be expecting three points.
The corresponding away fixture earlier in the season at St. Andrews which saw an inept 1-0 defeat was perhaps the first indication that the City fans had really begun to turn against Kevin Keegan - a game which saw the side lack any attacking threat and a lack of passion throughout.
The team under Pearce so far appear to be showing far more desire and commitment than under Keegan - perhaps a sign that Keegan had in fact 'lost' the dressing room.
It is interesting to see since Pearce took over that many of the players have come out publicly to praise Pearce's managerial qualities and his approach so far, and have called for him to be given the job on a full time basis. Whether this is genuine feeling or simply a tactic to ensure they remain in his 'good books' should he get the job may be open to debate but with five games to go until the end of the season Pearce is doing and saying all the right things so far.
Whether the team can respond enough to ensure he gets the job on a full time basis is still up in the air - and he has openly stated his desire to get the job, and surely three points tonight will go a long way in helping his cause.