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A number two for Psycho?

Much of the talk recently around City has focused on who will get the nod to succeed Kevin Keegan on a full time basis, with Stuart Pearce appearing to be in the driving seat.
One thing which was mentioned to me from one of my sources (also incidentally a Nottingham Forest fan) was that if Pearce does get the job in the summer he will bring in former Forest colleague and ex-City player (sorry - couldn't really class him as a star) Nigel Clough as his assistant.
Clough is currently learning his managerial craft in the Conference as Burton Albion manager and has appeared to do quite a good job on next to no budget, and has developed a reputation for himself as a shrewd and knowledgeable coach.
Whilst I have no doubt that Derek Fazackerly (and maybe others) will go come what may in the summer, would Clough be a good (and perhaps more importantly) and popular choice? It cannot be doubted that he was a player of immense talent, possessing a vision which saw him likened to Kenny Dalglish and it was to Liverpool he eventually left Forest for. However, he faded away at Liverpool and was out of the first team for a long period before joining City where he never recaptured his Forest form, and eventually had his contract paid up as he seemed content to run down his (rather large) contract sat in the reserve side.
It may be that Clough feels he has gone as far as he can at Burton and is ready to make a step up to a big side, but he has always seemed his own man (as has Pearce) and it would be suprise me that he would want to come as a number 2 rather than branching out somewhere else in his own right. I also feel he may not receive the warmest of welcomes from the Blues as we have notoriously long memories and his parting was not on the best of terms.
Perhaps though, he feels that he and Pearce could forge a partnership and personally, I think it may not be the worst idea to bring someone from outside the club in to take a fresh look and approach alongside what Pearce would bring.
And don't forget, Mr Clough snr didn't do too badly in a partnership of his own a generation ago....