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New issue of City 'til I Cry.

The new issue of fanzine City 'til I Cry (of which I contribute articles from time to time) whinged its way through the letterbox this morning, and unsuprisingly focused on the departure of former manager Kevin Keegan.
In keeping with the editorial and general theme from the columnists of recent times, there were not too many tears shed over his departure. Whilst most acknowledged that he had brought good times to the club - the superb promotion season, Premier league stability and some top class signings (Schmeichel and Anelka in particular), most lamented the £50+ million pounds he had spent/frittered/wasted (delete as applicable) with very little return and also the lack of tactical variety and enthusiasm he brought towards the end of his reign.
Most welcomed the chance the club has given to Stuart Pearce to prove himself but speculated over whether the job will be his come the summer or whether one of the more high profile names - Strachan, Dowie, O'Neill etc will be taking over.
As ever, an excellent read and good talking points raised by all - and with the usual high praise of everybody's favourite red Gary Neville.
Copies can be ordered through