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City 3 Birmingham 0.

Two home games – two home wins. The Pearce bandwagon gathers even more momentum following Wednesday nights 3-0 victory over Birmingham City. A game which saw three second half goals from the Blues after getting the benefit of the doubt when Clinton Morrison had a goal disallowed for offside (what was I said about luck after the Fulham game?). The first goal from Fowler was a typical predatory strike and since the departure of Anelka he has taken on the mantle of senior striker – pretty much as he’s the only striker we have, and is repaying the faith that not many Blues had in him six months.
The second goal from Richard Dunne was pleasing as it proves that set pieces must be something that Pearce has concentrated on in training as it has been an area we have rarely looked threatening in over the past season or so. In fact, who was the last defender to score from a set piece – Steve Howey?
Even Antoine Sibierski got in on the act in the last minute and scored from the spot – maybe that’s what he had in mind when he said he would Anelka’s replacement!
A good three points from the Blues and the fans must have been happy as not one caller to the GMR post game phone in was a critical one! How times have changed since Keegan departed.
Could the night get any better? Oh yes it could as Match of the Day provided the perfect late night viewing showing United’s defeat to Everton which provided some classic TV footage of Gary Neville reacting to being picked on by some bigger boys in the crowd by kicking the ball into the face of one of them. A sending off immediately followed for violent conduct which led to Gaz puffing his chest out and strutting his way down the tunnel with a look that said ‘that’ll teach ‘em’ – absolute classic.