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Blank day for the Blues and an honour for SWP.

A 0-0 draw away at Blackburn on Saturday was perhaps no suprise as the Blues came across an aggressive Blackburn side who continue to embody the persona of manager (and former United villain of course) Mark Hughes and kick their way to survival in the Premiership.
Hughes of course is adored by the United faithful (I use the word loosely for all those who didn’t know they existed pre 1992 days) despite his constant fouling, elbowing and general whining which ensures he remains a figure of loathing for all Blues (see also Robson, B and Keane, R).
The signing of Robbie Savage has also failed to endear Blackburn to the rest of the Premier League and their approach in recent games against Arsenal and Crystal Palace have earned them just criticism from many commentators.
In truth it was a game that failed to inspire most who were there but the Blues could class themselves unlucky as a nailed on penalty was turned down by referee Foy, leading to even the referee friendly Stuart Pearce questioning the decision and the final result was one which was favourite prior to the game.
Sunday saw the fantastic season by Shaun Wright-Phillips recognised as his fellow professionals voted him to the Premier League team of the year. In what his breakthrough season he has been the most dangerous and creative threat that City possess and proves just how valuable he is to the side and it is hoped that any potential offers for him in the summer are given short shrift.
Disappointing though to see him miss out on the young player of the year award as he inexplicably finished second to Wayne Rooney, who has not had close to the season SWP has had and proves just what a media bandwagon can do for your standing in the game.