2011/12 Match Reports

Game recap: Chelsea 2 - 0 City


With Tevez a late scratch with a groin injury and it being the eleventh game of a hectic 36-day period the hope was that the side could come away with a vital point from a Chelsea side with their...

Game recap: City 1 - 0 Dynamo Kiev


Perhaps it was inevitable that it would end this way; a frustrating finish to a competition that despite being maligned by some, when a crowd of sixteen teams suddenly became eight, looked after...

Game recap: City 1 Reading 0


It was important that Thursday's defeat in Europe was quickly banished with a win yesterday, not just to ensure progression in the FA Cup but to use victory for momentum and as a platform for the...

Game recap: Dynamo Kiev 2 - 0 City


The f(atigue) word has been the topic de jour of late and last nights defeat may well have been the culmination of this, with the fixture list finally catching up with the side. Up against a fresh...

Game recap: City 1-0 Wigan


It may not have been as emphatic or goal-laden as some of the recent home victories, but placed in the context of results elsewhere this weekend (admittedly with Chelsea yet to play at the time of...

Game recap: City 3-0 Villa


The defining month of March begins with a win, a comfortable one at that. Any concerns that there may have been at Roberto Mancini's decision to omit Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko from the starting...

Game recap: City 1-1 Fulham


Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise that points were dropped to Fulham in the manner of yesterday, after all it was the fourth consecutive season that season that they have retrieved points...

Game recap: City 3 - 0 Aris


If there were nerves heading into the game they were quickly blown away by a fast start that effectively killed the game off within the first fifteen minutes. Precariously poised at 0-0 after the f...

Thoughts on the Notts County victory


I suppose as 5-0 wins go, it was fairly flattering on the whole. City certainly took their time to get a foothold in the game but ultimately ran out comfortable winners with a flurry of goals over...

Aris Salonika 0 - 0 City


Not necessarily a bad result but somewhat of an opportunity missed you feel. To take the tie back home all-square is something you would generally take but whilst post-match Roberto Mancini...

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