Digging a bit deeper into the world of Manchester City.

Bitter and Blue Fantasy PL League


It's almost that time of year and so I've gotten the B&B league back up and running again. If you were in the league last year, I think you should be automatically back in the league for this...


The Abu Dhabi Group: guardians of tradition?

June has seen Manchester City’s owners, the Abu Dhabi United Group, announce the establishment of Melbourne City FC, following on from the creation of New York City FC in 2013. Playing in sky blue...

Analyzing Manchester City's Etihad deal


In 2011, Manchester City signed a sponsorship arrangement with the Etihad Airways, a company owned by Sheik Mansour's brother. Despite initial reports stating the contract will be worth £400...

Why Manchester City Will Meet FFP Guidelines


On 29 January 2014, Manchester City released their Annual Report for the 2012/13 season. The "detailed document" also contained the financial report for the term, with the Sky Blues "posting a...

Manuel Pellegrini's Tactics Key to Kolarov's Form


Aleksandar Kolarov has had difficulty in adjusting to life at the Etihad Stadium. After a mediocre debut campaign, former Liverpool captain Alan Hansen stated that the left-back was not good...

World Cup Draw Open Thread


It's time, folks. The World Cup draw is finally upon us. It's been a long wait, but now all the speculation and permutations can be put to rest as we find out who's going to play who next summer in...

A look at potential transfer targets: The attack


The final part in our series looking at potential transfer targets. To round things off, mixedknuts and shuddertothink take a look at the attack.

Potential transfer targets: The midfield


The second part in our series looking at potential transfer targets. This time, mixedknuts and shuddertothink take a look at the midfield.

A look at potential transfer targets: The defence


Bitter and Blue casts its eye over the areas and players who could be targets for the new manager.

Man City: A Lack Of Away Goals


Man City's achilles, for over a year now, has been a distinct lack of scoring away from home. This, naturally, can make it very difficult to win football games, especially so if we concede at any...

The summer of change?


With hopes of defending their Premier League crown all but gone thoughts are beginning to turn towards the summer and what needs to be done for City to rebound and mount a bid to regain the title...

B&B 5-on-5 Roundtable: Fact or Fiction


Schaden-what? Five on Mancini, Best Player, Best Striker, and More!

Aston Villa v Man City: Final 1/3rd Zone Entries


Following on from yesterdays article, which looked at own half Zone Exits, today we'll investigate how teams enter the final 1/3rd of the pitch. To do this we shall look at the frequency, method...

Man City v Aston Villa: Zone Exits


Ever wondered by which method a football team gets the ball out of it's own half and into the oppositions half? No, me neither. But here at Bitter and Blue we are trying to find new ways to look at...

B&B 5-on-5: Keep Him or Move Him? New Feature!


Who Should Stay and Who Should Go Now (or later)

Will the soft cap impact summer signings?


With a new soft cap in play, how much money will the top teams have to spend this summer?

Man Games Lost To Injury: Week 25 Update


A very quick glance at Inury in the Premier League after 25 games played.

Analysis:The Top 7's numbers when the game is tied


In the previous Analysis post I wrote about goals scored at certain game states, and in that article I hinted at the importance of teams' performance when the game is currently tied (tied game...

A look at Pace in football


A couple of months ago, I was looking at some models for predicting total goals in a game, and it struck me that, in addition to using Total Shot Ratio to examine how dominant a team is, you could...

Mario Balotelli…. The Next Star That Never Was?


By now I'm sure we have heard enough about Mario Balotelli, and whether he will be staying or going during the current transfer window. Arriving in 2010, Balotelli, cost City £24 million and hasn't...

City will catch United!


Breakdown for how Manchester City will catch up with Manchester United in the Premier League title race.

On Michael Johnson


Twenty-four. It's no age at all. The same age as Micah Richards (230 appearances and a dozen or so England caps), a year older than Academy contemporary Daniel Sturridge (already with two high...

A Deeper Look At Shots on Target


This is a guest post from Ted Knutson, a former professional sports bettor and currently the lead trader for the English Premier League at one of the world's largest internet sportsbooks. He also...


Playing at the Emirates

This coming Sunday, Manchester City play Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. This game could be a chance to make up some points on Manchester United, as they play an in-form Liverpool at Old Trafford. It...

10 Points: Late Goals, Liverpool & RvP (week 18)


Talking points from the weekends games.

10 Points: Benteke, Balotelli & Liverpool (wk 17)


A round-up of the weekends talking points

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