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The Constituent Parts Of PDO

If anyone isn't familiar with the stat PDO listen up! It takes a team's scoring% and save% adds them together as a way of evaluating how efficient each team is at converting it's shots on target...

Shot Assists: Toure, Silva, Nasri and Milner

Following on from this article which looked at each strikers shots assist totals, I thought we'd examine the real creative hub of the team. The four players we are looking at are listed in the...

Man City Strikers: Shot Assists In 2012/13

ShiningBlueMoonmade a comment (and many excellent other comments) in this post, which questioned Tevez's selfishness and willingness to pass to a team-mate in a better position. I thought it an...

Wednesday's Links

A full serving of links from a windy Washington DC.

An update on Individual Point Percentage

Following on from this pair of articles (Shooting and Scoring efficiency and Shots and Shots on Target) from shuddertothink I thought it high time I updated the progress of an area I've looked at...

The Performance Of Man City's Strikers In The PL

Following on from two articles (link and link) which evaluated the top 10 strikers in the Premier League in terms of shooting efficiency, scoring%, shots per 90 and goals per 90, lets look at Man...

Top 10 Strikers: Scoring % and Shooting Efficiency

Think of this article as the sister piece to this which looked at each players shots, SoT and goals per 90 minutes. Right now we are going to look at the same players in a slightly different way.

Top 10 Goalscorers In The PL: 2012/13

International Week, a barren, deadzone of nothingness. So let us do a little digging around the top goalscorers in the Premier League in 2012/13

Man City: A Lack Of Away Goals

Man City's achilles, for over a year now, has been a distinct lack of scoring away from home. This, naturally, can make it very difficult to win football games, especially so if we concede at any...

The summer of change?

With hopes of defending their Premier League crown all but gone thoughts are beginning to turn towards the summer and what needs to be done for City to rebound and mount a bid to regain the title...

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