Shots On Target: A Review Of The 2012/13 Premier League Data

All things shots on target, including ratios and home and away splits

Call this part 2, if you will, of the review of the 2012/13 Premier league season. I'll have a couple of more posts and Danny will have a couple too.

In this article we are going to touch on shots on target.

Home And Away +/-

Sort them. You gotta sort 'em!

Home Home PG Away Away PG
Arsenal 52 2.74 10 0.53
Aston Villa -4 -0.21 -43 -2.26
Chelsea 51 2.68 -1 -0.05
Everton 47 2.47 12 0.63
Fulham -16 -0.84 -36 -1.89
Liverpool 71 3.74 20 1.05
Man City 58 3.05 57 3.00
Man Utd 55 2.89 10 0.53
Newcastle 3 0.16 -24 -1.26
Norwich 1 0.05 -47 -2.47
Qpr -10 -0.53 -47 -2.47
Reading -37 -1.95 -73 -3.84
Southampto 21 1.11 -10 -0.53
Stoke -15 -0.79 -31 -1.63
Sunderland -22 -1.16 -48 -2.53
Swansea -1 -0.05 -37 -1.95
Tottenham 66 3.47 47 2.47
West Brom 17 0.89 -34 -1.79
West Ham 2 0.11 -63 -3.32
Wigan 4 0.21 -15 -0.79

These shots on target numbers are overall numbers, unaffected by the massive influences of score effects and game states. Posts on Game States will come in due time (I could post about 40 articles, so I need to edit that number down)

Liverpool are the team with the best SoT +/- at home, followed closely by Tottenham, City and United - no surprises. Reading prop up the SoT +/- at home, where they were outshot by just short of 2 sot per game. Stoke, Sunderland and Fulham sit just above Reading.

As for the away SoT +/- numbers it is worth saying just how much more difficult it is to outshoot the opposition when playing away from home. Just 6 teams post a positive SoT +/- number when away and those 6 teams are in the top 7 of the PL.

Man City and Tottenham, by miles and miles, lead the Premier League in away SoT +/-. Everton are a distant 3rd, Liverpool are even further back than that. Chelsea had a negative +/-, albeit only just. Wigan are mid table by the away +/-. Reading, naturally, are bottom of the league and only West Ham are anywhere near as bad as The Royals away from home.

West Ham need an a fix for their away form, for judging them, sightly unfairly I know, on away form then it's fair to say West Ham would be dicing with relegation. Luckily for the club they have fine home form

Shots on Target Ratio

The good stuff: SoTR's

Team Home Away Total
Arsenal 64.13 53.05 58.91
Aston Villa 48.70 37.57 42.81
Chelsea 63.35 49.72 56.72
Everton 62.98 53.53 58.40
Fulham 46.04 39.29 42.97
Liverpool 69.61 55.21 62.20
Man City 66.86 66.47 66.67
Man Utd 66.87 52.53 59.00
Newcastle 50.87 43.18 46.99
Norwich 50.32 35.22 42.72
Qpr 47.16 36.57 41.88
Reading 39.05 31.66 35.05
Southampto 56.36 46.79 51.71
Stoke 44.68 38.35 41.61
Sunderland 43.37 36.67 39.88
Swansea 49.75 39.55 44.92
Tottenham 67.19 63.28 65.31
West Brom 54.97 40.86 47.62
West Ham 50.52 33.16 41.95
Wigan 51.19 45.86 48.42

Total SoTR

Man City lead the league in total SoTR, Tottenham are just behind in 2nd. Liverpool are a way off in 3rd place. Reading and Sunderland are the league's worst teams.

Looking at the chart it's pretty clear that teams have wildly differing ratios for their home and away fixtures.

Liverpool have the best home SoTR, but their away ratio drops by 14% points. Why? Chasing the game more at Anfield, more time spent at Tied etc.

Man United are another team with a fine home SoTR who see a big drop off to their away SoTR.

Man City are nearly identical home and away.

Chelsea have one of the biggest drop off in the league form 63.35% to 49.72% away from home. Any thoughts on why?

But it's West Ham who are the weirdest team in the PL. Home SoTR is 50.52%, away SoTR is 33.16%. Strange. That is two completely different teams.

To highlight this Home/Away discrepancy in SoTR I made this:


This is a bit of a cluster fuck but it hi it shows you how some teams struggled home v away.

Bigger the bubble the better the Total SoTR. The Furthe right the bubble is the better the home SOTR, the higher the bubble the better the away SoTR.

West Ham and QPR Reading are the worst away teams (QPR in the bottom left should read as Reading) but they have some competition. Yet again we see the usual group of 7 teams (seven sisters/Big 7) out ahead of the rest of the league. Southampton, West Brom And Wigan are the teams striving to join them.

Next Up: Save %, Scoring%, PDO and Time Spent WInning

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