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Millwall v Wigan: Maloney puts Wigan ahead

In wet conditions here at Wembley Wigan have taken the lead on the quarter point mark of this tie with a close range finish from Shaun Maloney. Enjoying the better of the possession, Wigan are profiting through the creativity of James McCarthy and their fluid style in attack has seen them impose plenty of pressure on the Millwall defence, who, until Maloney's goal had restricted them to long range efforts with only Callum McManaman's shot truly testing David Forde. Millwall, employing a deep back line, made an energetic opening but have lacked the necessary finesse to breach the Wigan defence and Wigan will now look to build upon the advantage Maloney has provided them.

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Millwall v Wigan: The Numbers Summary

The first FA Cup semi final final went as expected, well, on the pitch at least. A relatively comfortable Wigan win will be overshadowed by fist fights rolling across the Millwall stand away to our left.

Violence in the stands, in what the media room had dubbed '80's night', marred what should be an incredibly proud day for all involved with Wigan football club. Instead, this game will be remembered as the day in which violence touched the new Wembley stadium for the very first time.

In a week when Thatchers diesand her legacy was debated, Millwall rolled back the years to the 1980's to remind us all that football games can still be an ugly place in which to spend a Saturday afternoon. The scenes today were violent and the sustained element to that fighting was shocking to many of the fans insided the stadium.

Very few of Millwall's fans engaged in violent behaviour 'infact, Millwall's fans were sensational up until the second goal of the game, but sometimes one fight is one too many. The words Millwall and Wembley ensures that any hint of misbehaviour will be reported extremely heavily ion the morning.


In Game TSr


Millwall with the early shots advantage and this fits with a Wigan team who looked slightly nervous on the ball in the first ten minutes. Wigan scored in the 25th minute and from that point onwards had a strangle hold over Millwall in the TSR battle. A fine 5 minute spell just after the hour mark was the closest Millwall got to a Wigan team, who were, in all honesty, a superior outfit.

Shots Frequency


This 5 minute spell from the 60th minute was the golden spell for Millwall who generated chances and won corners pre-dominantly from exposing Wigan's then weak left flank.

Despite Millwalls burst of 5 shots in 5 minutes the quality wasn't particular strong despite the shots locations being pretty good.

Shots Location


This tells us Millwall were the team shooting most frequently from the red zone/central, and Wigan were the team who were shooting most from outside the box. But, despite Millwall's number of shots from the red zone, the outcomes were hugely disappointing.

Shots Outcome


These are the placement outcomes for each teams total shots.

Wigan, despite attempting a decent percentage of their total shots from outside the box still managed to find the target. Conversely, Millwall despite attempting 7 shots from the red zone managed to get none of those shots on target.

Most of Millwall's red zone shots were low quality, scruffy shots from corners, which were blocked, or headers which sailed over the bar from crowded central positions.


Millwall v Wigan: Trouble Mars Semi-Final

Today's game was of course overshadowed somewhat by the outbreak of trouble in Millwall end of the stadium midway through the second of Wigan's 2-0 victory.

It is unclear what sparked the trouble that involved around 20-30 fans but it appeared as though both police and stewards were slow to intervene following the outbreak which began shortly after Callum McManaman scored Wigan's second. A Millwall spokesman admitted that 'the game has been overshadowed' by the incident.

A Met police statement following the game read:

'Ten people have been arrested following sporadic disorder amongst fans in the Millwall area at Wembley today. The investigation into the circumstance of the instance is ongoing'.

The FA also confirmed the following statement:

'The Metropolitan police and FA are investigating scenes of sporadic risk and disorder at today's semi-final. 'The FA and Wembley Stadium will work with the police and representatives of Millwall Football Club to review all events.'


Martinez hails Maloney and McManaman

In the wake of Wigan's 2-0 victory over Millwall that saw them progress to the FA Cup final Roberto Martinez hailed the contribution of goalscorers Shaun Maloney and Callum McManaman.

Maloney put up Wigan ahead before McManaman sealed the victory with twenty minutes remaining and Martinez hailed their attacking threat, praising McManaman as having 'a real rawness about him but he showed great composure' and stating that the 'real Callum McManaman' was on display. Maloney's opener was his second important goal of the week, following his last minute equaliser at QPR last week and Martinez hailed him as 'a magnificent talent'.

Martinez was not surprised at Millwall's fightback in the second half, saying 'we expected it [the fightback] and huge credit to Millwall' but felt that Wigan handled the pressure at set pieces well.


Millwall v Wigan: McManaman Seals Wigan Win

Wigan have progressed to the FA Cup final following a 2-0 win over Millwall at Wembley.

Millwall had opened the second half well promisingly and had built a spell of pressure but Callum McManaman's goal on 77 minutes end their hopes of getting back into the game.

It was no more than Wigan deserved, their ability on the ball and fluidity and movement in attack proved the decisive factor. Both goals were the product of some smart build up play with the scores proving the most influential players on show.

Wigan will now meet the winners of tomorrow's game between Manchester City and Chelsea.


Millwall v Wigan: Millwall Search For A Way Back

The second half has seen Millwall get a foothold back into the game but they still trail to Shaun Maloney's first half goal with little over twenty minutes remaining.

After failing to exert much pressure before the break the Championship side have pressed hard, out shooting Wigan by a margin of 5-2 in the second half, all within a ten minute spell around the hour mark.

However, as much as their pressure has unnerved Wigan - so accomplished early on - they have yet to really test Al Habsi but with their crowd turning up the volume there is still all to play for.


Millwall v WIgan: First Half Numbers

We're live here from Wembley, the temperature is dropping but the half time food was excellent (spicy chicken goujons)

First Half Numbers

In-Game TSR


Shots Frequency


Shots Outcome


The shots battle is Wigan's and so is the quality of the shots outcomes: Wigan with 4 shots on target. Location data to follow.


Millwall v Wigan: Latics Lead At The Half

Wigan have built upon Shaun Maloney's goal midway through the first half, increasing the pressure on the Millwall defence and have further tested opposition keeper David Forde.

The movement and fluidity of the Wigan forward play, notably Shaun Maloney and Callum McManaman, has been a continual problem for Millwall to contend with and since the goal Millwall have been unable to force a way back into the game and Ali Al Habsi has largely been untroubled.

Millwall will hope to keep the game close as the second half progresses, aiming to find a way back in late on, but you feel that if Wigan add a second it may too big a deficit for them to come back from.


FA Cup Semi Final: Millwall v Wigan

Myself and Danny are at Wembley Stadium to cover both FA Cup Semi Finals. Saturday's game features Millwall v Wigan.

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