Playing at the Emirates

Michael Regan

This coming Sunday, Manchester City play Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. This game could be a chance to make up some points on Manchester United, as they play an in-form Liverpool at Old Trafford. It could also be another game away to Arsenal where we drop points.

Problem is, playing at Arsenal has always proved tricky for City, as our struggles there have stretched for several decades now.

Last season, the 1-0 loss by City seemed to spell doom for our title hopes. Only the most dramatic fight back from 8 points back with 5 games to go helped secure the title. That game was marred by foolishness from Mario Balotelli, and City failed to score. Not scoring goals away at Arsenal is hardly a new problem for City.

The last time that we scored at Arsenal was 17 April 2007. It was a game where City lost 3-1, but at least we scored! That goal was driven in by none other than DaMarcus Beasley (which shows you how long ago it was!).

Kolo Toure and Gael Clichy played, but on the other side of the pitch. Joey Barton was one of the star City players at the time (ironic, since Barton was suspended for the rest of the season two weeks later, and then transferred at the end of the season).

The last game that Manchester City won at Arsenal was 4 October 1975. Here are the highlights from that last victory:

[75/76] Arsenal v Manchester City, Oct 4th 1975 (via mcfcvideos)

This should be a highly entertaining fixture, as Arsenal and City are both in the top 4 teams for goals allowed in the Premier League this season. They are also both in the top 3 teams for goals scored this season.

These stats can be a little misleading, as both teams have also struggled to find consistent form this season. Arsenal are a grab bag, scoring 7 goals one game, and then getting a single point the next (from an own goal).

City are an enigma of their own, although with 3 straight victories (and a much healthier defense), they looked to be back in good form. Now that Aguero may (or may not have) torn his hamstring, the squad looks to be back in turmoil.

City will be hoping to finally get a win away at Arsenal, since the last one happened before any member of the squad was born (yes, even Richard Wright).

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