De Rossi and Adam Johnson news

ROME, ITALY - AUGUST 19: Is this a goodbye wave? Daniele De Rossi of Roma before the pre-season friendly match between AS Roma and Aris Thessaloniki FC at Olimpico Stadium on August 19, 2012 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Good morning all. We all enjoyed a little too much excitement and stress with yesterday 3-2 win and Bitter and Blue will be covering yesterdays game in full in the coming hours.

As for now I want to talk about some of the transfer news swirling around the club as we edge closer to the August 31st transfer deadline.

A report that states Adebayor has conceded that his Man City career is over and has accepted a wage cut and thus his Spurs move may be imminent.

I'll have mixed emotions upon Adebayor's departure. He is an excellent footballer, has a unique skill set within the EPL but, as we have discussed previously, his attitude, or how Mancini perceives his attitude to be will lead to his departure from the club. The initial excitement of his transfer to Man City seems so so long ago now.

Sunderland are hoping to sign Man City's equally talented and inconsistent winger Adam Johnson for £10m. A fine fee if it can be extracted. Roberto Mancini may sanction Johnson's transfer with a touch of regret.

Danielle De Rossi

Rumors abound that Man City made a substantial bid for the Roma captain. Would he be open to a move to rainy Manchester? Here he is saying yes and here we have the player saying no. Here is a piece on his big decision

A wonderful player, 29 and age may be a concern if Man City do sign him, as would an insanely high salary for a player who would likely be 34 by the expiry of any potential contract. He would instantly improve Man City's midfield despite the excellent options and variety that our midfield already possess. My take is Man City should really go all out and try and sign him as his value to the team for the first three years of any potential contract would outweigh the real monetary cost.

Would he be open to a move? Maybe. But even if he was tempted to move away from Rome and the club he loves I sincerely doubt he would. I believe he would stay out of love and loyalty, despite the personal ambitions he clearly has. There just seem too many obstacles. Credit Man City for the attempt but, ultimately, I think this transfer is doomed to failure.

We can only hope and dream of a midfield combination of Toure and De Rossi. It may remain a dream and here's to hoping I am wrong!

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