The Uncertain Future of Dzeko


As the title suggests the future of Edin Dzeko at City this summer seems to be up in the air. Dzeko joined City during the 2011 January transfer window for 27 million. The Bosnian was marred with question marks about his ability to score in what is still considered one of the hardest leagues in the world. He would be facing defenses known for their aggressiveness and wit.

His City start was considered widely abysmal scoring only 6 goals in all competitions for City. During the off season there we're question marks about Carlos Tevez and his increasingly difficult attitude about the city of Manchester and the role on the team.

The off season of 2011 was the most important opportunity for Dzeko, to put it simply he did enough to edge Mario for the starting position opposite of the newly arriving Aguero.

The season however started dramatically different then what was expected of Edin, snatching a goal against Manchester United in the Community Shield helped him cement himself as a #2. The Bosnian went on to score in his next 3 games against Swansea, Bolton and Tottenham. The most spectacular of the three was the Spurs thrashing. Edin managed to net four goals and became the first City player to score four goals in the EPL. He managed to achieve a golden hat trick scoring from his left foot, right and a header.

The next time he scored for City was on the 23rd of October netting 2 against Manchester United. During this period of time Bosnia was attempting to qualify for their first major tournament the Euro which we're to be held in 2012. This was also City's attempt at an international club campaign. During this stint Edin was a little above average; nothing spectacular. He went on to score against the Wolves back to back right after the Manchester United game and against QPR. Netting 6 in 4 games.

After this period Dzeko was relatively quiet until the infamous game against Bayern Munich during the CL qualifiers stage. City was down 0-2 in a crucial game for the CL campaign. Mancini decided it was time to pull Dzeko off the field for tactical purposes which infuriated the Bosnian due to his time in Germany and having past experience with Bayern. The game meant more to Dzeko then anyone else on the City team. Then the swearing started back and forth and Tevez somewhere along the line was 'treated like a dog'. Dzeko and Tevez subsequently ended up in the dog house. Dzeko apologized for his burst-up and Tevez ran off to Argentina because it had a better night life.

Don't quote me on that.

After the apology it seemed that everything was OK once again, City were on top of the tables in the EPL and were knocked out of the CL by the time Dzeko would score his next goal against Wigan; topping the bottom table team 1-0. The next 11 games including the Wigan match, Edin started 6 of them and netted 5 goals.

One of them was to be the turning point in the strikers future at the Etihad. City vs. Sporting Lisbon.

This was by far Dzeko's worst game since the transfer. He was lethargic, out of place and out of sync with his teammates. Mancini could see this and pulled the front man out at the 71' mark. Sporting went on to win 1-0.

The next game was against Swansea who was thrashed in the opening days of the season. However this was not to be, City suffered a 1-0 loss and Edin was only introduced at the 87' mark for the lost Balotelli.

The tabloids and pundits took to the streets from the alleyways and began clamoring for a solution to the ''inconsistent'' Dzeko. Rumors were and still are abound that the tall Bosnian will be sold this summer despite having netted 20 goals and 4 assists in all competitions for Manchester City. Mancini seems to want to recoup the 27 million that he used to buy the Bosnian from Wolfsburg just a year ago. With the ever evident fact that Tevez will be returning to the line-up and Guidetti returning from his successful spell at Feyernood all seem to point in the direction that the Bosnian Diamond will soon be exiting the Etihad.To add salt and pepper to a bleeding wound Mancini is intent on bringing on another striker this summer. Either way it seems that the front man is falling fast out of order with Mancini and City.

This moves the question, why?

I can't begin to think what Mancini thinks and I can't explain why he would want to get rid of the player, however if he does he would be better off to unload Tevez as well and bring in Guidetti through the bench and another experienced striker from one other EPL team.This would allow Aguero to work with another EPL experienced striker while Mario and Guidetti are brought up through the bench for growth.

The probability of Edin moving away from City all rests on the fact of whether or not City win the EPL this season. It will be much harder to win when resting in second of the table behind United and a stretch of games that are must wins but at the same time some of the hardest games City will have to play this season.

If City lose out in the race, Edin will be gone this summer unless he decides to be a good sport like Berbatov and sit on the bench for the majority of the season like Johnson has done this season. However a player of Dzeko's caliber (Berbatov's as well) does not deserve to sit on the bench and have his talent wasted away. If he has to sit I would imagine City would rather recoup their loses and venture somewhere else with the money received instead of eating a starters contract for a bench player.

Whatever happens in the future, no one can say that this season has not been without it's excitement. City are a world class club and Dzeko is a world class player, if neither can co-operate then it would be for the best that they each went they're own separate ways. It could also happen that Edin becomes a City hero if he manages to find the net multiple times down this stretch of road. Unlikely, but possible.

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