Castrol Edge Rankings

It has been quite a while since I have posted on here and for that I apologize. It has been a great season for City and even though I haven't been around these memorable parts in a very long time I still managed to follow the season and various campaign trails fairly closely.

What better way to come back then to post a quick fantasy ranking?

The Castrol Edge rankings have just been updated once again as they usually do :-P

For those of you who don't know of the CE rankings or have never heard of them, Castrol became the official oil sponsor of FIFA in '08, when this happened they came out with mathematical rankings of each player across the globe that plays in a major league. These rankings are updated each month and hold an unbiased statistical value. Not a fan's value.

Here is the link to the City players rankings.

For those of you too lazy to click on a link like I am, Edin Dzeko is ranked #5 in the world, ahead of Ronaldo at #6. Joe Hart rounds out the Goalkeepers group at #56 Vorm is right behind him in the GK rankings and we all know where he plays or at least we will find out tomorrow ;). Lescott is our best defender at #49 and the one who shall not be named is #1668.

Recently I have been seeing a lot of posts coming up about how Edin Dzeko is inconsistent and how he is our weakest link. The fact that he has a better scoring rate then Van Persie who is the leagues top scorer at one goal every 93 minutes compared to 95 tells me that it is not Dzeko that is inconsistent but Mancini for not playing him longer. But then again, Sly Silver Fox Mancini is making it so that Dzeko can score every 93 by providing healthy and strong competition among our strikers and for that I tip my hat off to the Silver Fox.

I hope in the future I will have more time to stick around here and keep posting, again I apologize for my disappearance, quite frankly I have been working too much and hopefully with a new job you shall see my uninformative posts quite more frequent.

Tomorrow's match prediction 3-1 City.

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