Good and Bad from the Manchester City - Norwich City game



These are the things that I liked about City's game.

1. Javi Garcia wasn't in the starting lineup. I can't watch him without thinking bitterly about paying 15m for him (while getting rid of de Jong for 3.5m).

2. Gael Clichy was. He provided the spacing and pace that City have been missing along the left flank. Silva and Nasri playing wider helped as well, but Clichy looked really good, which bodes well for the team.

3. Nastasic looked very comfortable. He seems to not be stressing as much, and has been making good plays. Playing along side Kompany has helped accelerate his growth over the past few months. He looks like a Premier League caliber defender.

Things that weren't as great.

1. Joe Hart. I have defended him again and again this season, but he is in a poor run of form. The first two goals were difficult ones (although I think he would have stopped at least one of them had he been in good form).

The third one I find the most fault with. When the corner first came in, he got totally screened off, and was no where near where he should have been. He ended up on the ground along with Kompany and two Norwich defenders. Hart usually does a great job of getting on the inside of those collisions, and claiming the ball before it ends up in chaos.

2. Nasri. I've been trying hard not to think poorly of him, but he seemed to embody every "little man" syndrome in that square up. The tackle was brutal, and Bassong should have been sent off for it, but Nasri reacted very poorly, and it almost cost the team.



On the whole, the team looked good. A little shaky defensively, but a lot of that has to be attributed to going a man down so early. Our attacking play was brilliant though. Norwich has been a tough team to break down, but it happened so easily and so quickly. I feel like we haven't seen that level of attacking movement this whole season (the closest for me would be the 5-0 over Villa, but that score was helped by two dodgy penalties, and a Silva goal that was scuffled in).

I hope that it is a sign of finding our form, because it will be needed against Stoke tomorrow.

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