Sunderland 1-0 City: Post match thoughts

Thanks for the bad send off boys :( sadly I was forced to listen to the match on the radio, so bear with my analysis this time.

Roberto Mancini had another new lineup for us this week, much to do with injuries. It was Interesting to see Garcia getting the nod, rather than having a defensive mid field pairing of Barry and Milner. To defend the choice Garcia could use some time, especially if our unlucky run of injuries persists.

Getting a chance to watch the first ten minutes, we had great pressure on the black cats. Plenty of early chances fell by the wayside, as we missed by millimeters and stellar goal keeping from Minolet. Pablo applied early pressure down the left but seemed unable to produce goals. Our first great chance came from an early corner that Kompany connected with but was denied by the cross bar. City held much of the possession throughout the first half but the action could be better described as end to end. Corners provided opportunities. Kompany seemed up to the challenge with crucial tackles in the final third but a first half goal had him playing less aggressive than he would have liked.

The second half was more of the same end to end football we saw in the first. Sadly, Sunderland was the beneficiary of poor officiating (from what I heard) and a lapse in quality from Joe Hart, making it 1-0 Sunderland early in the first. The goal seemed like the boxing day wake up call the team needed, but there was not enough time for our boys to stage another late surge and goal.

This will be my last post of the year, as I head to New Zealand for a study abroad trip. Have a good new year and see you all for Fulham!

Announcer line of the day: "Sweating like a Turkey on Christmas eve" in relation to the AC in the booth not working.

Tevez (4)- hasn't done much lately when called on to start. He is given much freedom up front as a Aguero is sent wide to provide him passes.
Aguero (5)- same as tevez, I believe it's time for RM to switch their roles and see what effect that has on the chances created.

Silva (5)- he was his same creative self, but it seemed like his unfamiliar pairing with yaya threw him a little and he was hesitant inside the box with his decisions.

Yaya (5)- was allowed to push forward today for the first time in awhile this season. Sadly, his chances fell to the wayside and couldn't produce any goals with his powerful right foot.

Garcia (3)- interesting selection from RM but couldn't really tell from the radio what kind of visual impact v from "v for vendetta" had. Hence the low rating.

Milner (5)- glad to see him back from injury as his services will be needed, and quickly. He was highly involves offensively, as was yaya.

Zaba (5)- always a strong performing when called upon and today was no different. He did what he could to provide pace down the left but couldn't produce any goals. And side note: he always seems to need a bandage around his head at some point during the season.

Kolo (4)- couldn't really get a sense of his impact on the game and much like Garcia I did not hear his name a lot during the broadcast.

Nasty (4)- another less than stellar game but as a young player he will have periods in time where we he struggles. The hope is that through this extensive playing time he can have less periods of struggles.

Kompany (6)- had a brilliant game especially when it came down to making a crucial tackle in the final third. Unfortunately he seemed to have gotten to involved with the physical nature of the game. Going forward his health is essential for city's success

Hart (4)- seemed to be having a good match until he absolutely flubbed on the Johnson goal. From what I heard he most certainly should have saved it.

Dzeko (n/a)
Barry (n/a)
Lescott (n/a)

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