City 1-0 Reading: Post match thoughts

Let's all join together in a collective sigh of relief, as we have had to do throughout much of this season! But, as we have learned, City has a flare for the dramatic. Oh, and happy three year anniversary to Roberto and city. It has been a magical pairing.

City came out in the first-half on fire, as they should against a side of Readings class so far this season. City controlled most of the possession throughout the game and especially in the first half. But the lack of production in the final third reared its ugly head again this afternoon, as City were unable to produce SOT and goals. We bludgeoned the Royals' goal with shot, after shot and corner, after corner. To Readings credit they barricaded City in the box in a way that would rival the barricades during French Revolution. The offensive bright spot this afternoon was the combination of Tevez, Aguero, and Silva, as they worked meticulously together in the final third with beautiful one, two's, and were a thorn in Readings' defenses side. Until Tevez was subbed midway through the second half

In the second half there was much of the same from City, but Reading showed signs of life when they were able to break out and counter attack. Set piece defense continues to give City problems as Reading players were provided plenty of chances at goal from corners and free kicks, thankfully Reading was unable to produce a goal from their chances. Until Tevez was subbed out midway through the second half game, Aguero, who came out so strong in the first half, seemed to disappear from attack. But when attacking he was reminiscent of the Aguero from last season. In his absence, David Silva provided numerous chances for his teammates through his incredible play-making ability, that culminating in the cross that produce Gareth Barry's 91st minute "over the back" goal.

Due to injury, City had quite an unusual starting 11 resulting in the debut for EDS defender Karim Rekik, a target of much of Reading's attack. So far this season City has struggle with team selection, that has led to miscommunication among the back four. But, a bright spot for city so far this season has been the unlikely pairing of Nastasic and Kolo, who have flourished when playing together. City had a very limited but effective bench.

"We are Man City, and we will fight til the end."

Player ratings

Tevez (7)- he provided his typical pace that gave readings defense fits all game, but was unable to produce a goal.

Javi Garcia (5)- wasn't called upon much, but when he was needed he stepped up.

Rekik (5)- given his first, first-team call up he played well. He was a constant target of readings attack which should be of no surprise.

Aguero (7)- much like our offense, he was up and down today, but showed signs of his old self.

Silva(8) man of the match. His creativity was on display today. He produced the cross that led to the game winning goal.

Yaya(5)- trended downward this week after a strong performance last week. He was forced to play back and was unable to produce the chances we are use to getting from him.

Kolo(6)- ever since being called upon with injuries to our back four he has stepped up to a level I wasn't sure he still had.

Barry(5)- up until his goal he was left a lot to be desired. He lacked his usual touch and tenacity. He seemed out of touch with the rest of the team.

Zaba(6) "keep calm, pablos on" he continued his strong form so far this season and I hope to see more.

Nastasic (5)- he had a quiet game but him and kolo have worked well together.

Hart (5)- wasn't called on much today. He looked pretty bad on that pass in the first half that almost led to a goal.

Sinclair (5)- hasn't gotten much first team action and it showed. He looked rusty and it was apparent in his only shot "towards" goal.

Dzeko (4)- he had multiple opportunities to be the hero today but couldn't finish. Other than that he was his usual touch less self.

Milner(n/a)- didn't have enough opportunity

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