2012/13 Halfway Point Analysis

Importance of the first goal

This is a topic I've visited a number of times on the blog, particularly when espousing its importance as the foundation to City's dominating home record since the start of the 2010/11 season. It...

Analysis: Total Shots vs Shots on Target

This article is an attempt at discovering which of the aforementioned popular stats has a stronger correlation with a team winning a football game. Warning: This is a long post!

Time Spent In A Winning/Drawing/losing position

In a conitnuation of the halfway points analysis posts, today's article will look at Premier League teams average time spent in a winning, drawing or losing position.

2012/13 Halfway Point Analysis: PDO

In our Halfway Point series of posts we have already looked at both scoring % and save % and now we move on to what is a combination of the two: PDO. Its premise is thus: PDO = scoring % + save %....

HalfwayPoint Analysis:Injury in the Premier League

Or, as I have named it once before, Man Games lost to Injury. The aim and the topic is simple: Injuries in the Premier league. How many injuries, who has more or less than the average and are...

Halfway Point Analysis: Shots on Target Ratio

Following on form the earlier articles that dealt with shots on target for and against I think it is only right to post that data in ratio form.

2012/13 Halfway Point Analysis: SoT against

Following on from the earlier piece which focused on shots on target for, we shall now look at shots on target against.

IPP at the halfway point of 2012/13

A look at which players are having the greatest effect on their teams scoring in 2012/13 so far.

2012/13 Halfway Point Analysis: Save %

There has been plenty of focus on City's problems in attack but is their defence equally as culpable for falling behind United?

2012/13 Halfway Point Analysis: Scoring %

Manchester United unsurprisingly lead the pack but does this measure explain City's struggles so far in 2012/13?


QoO (Difficulty of PL fixture list): 19 Games

We are now half way through the 2012/13 PL season so it's time now to take a look at the difficulty of fixture list that each team has faced.Just for names sake I'll call this Quality of...

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