2012/13 Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts: A look ahead to CSKA


A crucial game, undoubtedly. We may be only two games into the group stages but the back to back fixtures against CSKA have the feel of games that may well ultimately decide the fortunes of both...

Five Thoughts: Who's Better? We Are


Blueboys Batter the Rags and there's Good Reason for it--We Really Are Better

Five Thoughts


Brilliant Blue, A Damper, Schadenfreude United and Poll!

Five Thoughts: NSFW, MOM's, Man U Annoys, Poll!


A Word from Winston, MOM's galore, Annoying Man U fans and Poll!

Five Thoughts: Tough Queries for a Team in Trouble


Five Difficult Questions

Five Thoughts: We're Playing For Second Now, Folks


Missing YaYa, Missing Midfield, Missing 3 points and Playing for 2nd place.

Fve Thoughts: Zaba-daba-do, Funny Thread & Poll!


Zaba-daba-do! Silva is Golden! Funny Game Threads! And Poll!

Five Thoughts: No Ya-Ya, no problem? Hmmm...


Better without YaYa, Gollum, and Poll! (Wait--Gollum?)

Bye-bye 1975, Hello MD's, Replay and Poll!


Bye-bye 1975, Hello MD's, Replay and Poll!

City 3-0 Stoke: Five Thoughts


One aspect that my growing interest in the numbers and analytical side of the game has provided is the added dimension that it has given when watching games. Granted, at times this can prove a...

Five Thoughts: Norwich City 3-4 Manchester City


Sensational Sergio, Senseless Nasri, Replay, Diving and Poll

Pretty goals, Ugly Defense, Uglier Injuries, Poll


The Pretty Offense, the Not-So-Pretty Defense and Injuries that are starting to look Ugly. And a poll.

Five Thoughts: Coins, Dives, Balo, Replay, Poll


Coins, Dives, Balo is Crapo, Replay and a Poll

Five Thoughts = Five Worries


Our Offense, Our Defense, Our Dzeko

Wigan 0-2 City: Five Thoughts


I'm standing in for sufferingbruin for today's Five Thoughts as we take a look back at some of the key points from last night's win at Wigan.

Mancini Trouble, YaYa's Overuse, 3-5-2 and Poll!


Mancini's in "T", YaYa on "E" and The Best Game Thread in B&B History

Tevez, Replay (again!), and not One but Two Polls!


Tevez, Clean Sheets That Arent' So Clean and Replay (again!)

Five Thoughts: Silva, Dzeko & Replay


Silva be Good, Dzeko Again, Maicon, and Damn Right We're Gonna Talk Replay

Five Thoughts: "This is a sport for Euros"


"This is a Sport for Euros."

Kissing Sis


Remember the saying a tie is like kissing your sister? This was worse.

Five Thoughts: How to Read a Bad Book


Finishing a Bad Book

Five Thoughts: Five Stages of Grief


Because we need them

Five Thoughts: WBA 1-2 Manchester City


Lipstick on a Pig but a Pretty Pig it turned out to be.

Five Thoughts: That's More Like It!


Everybody Gets a Hug... well, almost everybody.

Five Thoughts: Luck of a Draw


Beyond Hart, Not Much

Real Madrid 3-2 City: Five Thoughts


The match report is up here so just a quick Five Thoughts to recap last nights defeat: Undoubtedly, there are positives to be taken from the game. A comparison can be made to last years trip to...

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