Kaptain Kompany

Captain oh Captain

Today's match against Inter showcased not only the individual talents of numerous City players, but perhaps something that could carry them further and could prove even more important in the long run, team cohesion and chemistry.  

Behind all of the flash of the recent big name signings and club sea-change, the club has not had an easy time transitioning and gluing together as a single, effective unit, something the city neighbors seem to have mastered long ago.  With such tumultuous change it often takes individuals to come forward and serve as ship captain.  I'm of course speaking of one Vincent Kompany.

If Carlos Tevez is selfish, disloyal and flashy, Mr. Kompany can easily be described as the complete opposite.  The City back-line stalwart has proven himself priceless time and time again.  Lost in the light of recent big name signings such as Yaya Toure, David Silva, and Edin Dzeko, Vincent Kompany has matured and come of age in the shade of the recent transfers.  

Playing  at times alongside the likes of Joleon Lescott, Pablo Zabaleta, and youngster Micah Richards, Kompany has established himself as a cultured, secure, and dependable defender, contributing to City's impressive record of least conceded goals, alongside Chelsea (33). 

With the recent drama concerning the transfer of a certain Carlos Tevez, Vincent Kompany secured the trust and confident of Roberto Mancini as the club's future leader and captain, setting an example from the back.  Nobody will forget his contribution to the fantastic shutout 1-0 win over United in the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley, enacting revenge for the regular season loss at Trafford.   

City continued its stingy rearguard resolve with another shutout performance against Stoke City in the Final, and City fans are bound to remember the iconic images of Kompany and well, company, celebrating on the pitch and in the locker-room, black-and-red scarves around heads and all. 

Nobody could have imagined that the man who cost, in today's market, a measly 7 million pounds, would have claimed the honor of Player of the Year, in an unforgettable season, and further helped his club cement its image as a club truly worthy of the City of Manchester and the Citizens who inhabit it.

With that said, does Vincent deserve to wear the arm-band or should the honor be given to someone else? 

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