The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

Creative title right?

Anyways as the title suggests I will talk about some good things that have happened since my last post; which was quite a while ago, as well as the really frustrating bad things that are going on amongst this busy transfer window.

The Good: The new addition of Clichy to our above average defense. I like this signing, shows aggressiveness and spirit when taking a player of Clichy's stature from a league rival. A little background on Clichy is required. 

Clichy began his professional career at Cannes, in '03 he transferred to Arsenal under the guise of Wenger. In '05 Wenger hoisted the FA Cup, it was also his last season that he would hold a piece of silverware. Clichy spent 8 years under both Wenger and Arsenal. 

Why I like this signing: Clichy cost 7 million. Now this is most likely because of his position, however he is a solid player who has proven himself in the EPL league as well for the French National Team since '08. He has ambition, this following quote was taken from AP, 

"There is no limit at Manchester City," he said of his new club's ability to lift silverware. "Of course, you have to be realistic but there is no limit. Where they have come from in three years is phenomenal. And I want to win things." 

I don't know about you guys but to me that sounds good. He isn't necessarily a world-class player, however he is more then enough to provide much needed depth during City's dash to 3 simultaneous trophies. 

The Bad: Stefan Savic who has been tipped as the "best stopper in Europe during the last 12 months" according to Sky Sports is getting his medical under way for City. Yes, I know that's a good thing. The bad part is that Partizan will try to keep him for their run at the CL. Stefan Savic will be a giant steal for City if everything goes smoothly. He is 20 years old and playing at a very high level. Serbian footballers have been known for their defensive prowess, Vidic, Kolarov, Ivanovic, Subotic, I could go on all day. Savic in my opinion needs to arrive before the CL. It will be crucial to plug him in to the atmosphere of Manchester as soon as possible. 


The Annoying: As most of you have already heard Tevez has stated publicly that he is itching to leave Manchester. I understand he has family problems however as a person who has moved from various countries and had to re-locate my entire life I find it insulting that he cannot or will not do such a minor task as learning the language after having lived in England for 6 years. Now he claims that he is looking for the best situation for his daughters. 

His decisions are poorly thought out and irresponsible. He will never settle down and he will be a wanderer for the rest of his life. No offense to any Bolton fans out there. 

In a dark way, I hope Mancini forces him to sit on the bench until his contract runs out. Making him watch professionals such as Dzeko and Super Mario play. 

That's all for now, add any comments or thoughts below. 

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