The Flip Side of 'The Situation'

In the recent article written by our local resident Jeremy Morris, he gives valid and successful points as to why Tevez must not be allowed to leave Manchester City.

This article will be the flip side of that discussion. Why Tevez should not only be allowed to leave but he should be forced out by not just Mancini but the entirety of the Manchester City following.

Before I begin I will put up a couple of statistics brought to the attention of the Bitterandblue community by our very own Danny Pugsley.
  1. Goals against: 33/0.86 PG (=1st)
  2. Clean sheets: 18/47.3% (1st)
  3. When keeping a clean sheet: W14 D4 L0 - Pts 46/2.55 PPG (1st)

I am generally not a statistics writer, however these were on the front page so I thought to myself why not. 

One of the arguments presented all over forums in the football world from Sky Sports to BBC is that if Tevez leaves who will score the goals?

As you can see the statistics this points to a stalwart defense. Kompany, Hart, De Jong, are our building blocks. Very good ones at that. After them you have to consider the physical presence of Micah Richards. He is a very big guy and effective in his physicality. De Jong is also physical although be it in a different manner. 

When having a defense that can hold it's own on a consistent basis, it will give space and time for the offense to create problems in the backfield. 

When the season kicked off Tevez was producing like a Mercedes, then towards the end of the first half he had engine problems. Those problems seemed to have carried over to the second half of the season because as many of you remember there happened to be a goal drought for everyone on City. Those engine problems are still occurring now in the offseason. He started out as a Mercedes and ended as a Volkswagen. It's a matter of inconsistency, now of course some of the blame could be left to the midfield especially on Silva for having mid-season troubles and some on Mancini for playing a very Italian style of football. However people build up Tevez to be one of the top 5 football players in the world and the 'savior' of Man City football. I do not agree. Manchester City and Mancini saved Tevez. Not the other way around. I will touch on that a bit later. 

Earlier I hopped around (I often do that) the question as to 'Who will score if Tevez leaves?' my answer is simple.

A trio of Edin Dzeko, Super Mario and a third mystery player. 

Now many of you will point to the fact that Edin only scored 6 goals and created 2 assists. 2 of those goals in the regular season. Let's put that in perspective. Torres a well established EPL player scored 1 goal this season for Chelsea. Andy Carroll who many people wanted to grab instead of Dzeko scored 2 goals. Luis Suarez 4 goals and 6 assists.

If it were not for one of Dzeko's 4 goals outside of the regular season City would never have gotten the chance to win the Cup. The first silverware in 35 years. 

Of course even I have certain doubts about Dzeko, would he or would he not be able to transition his play to the Mancini style of play. Would he be able to create a relationship with Silva the designated playmaker and the most important person for Dzeko's position. Jose Mourinho said that Dzeko was the real deal and I trust the man. He may be arrogant and snotty but he knows how to coach football.

Super Mario is one of my favorite players of all time. He has a great relationship with Dzeko and they seem inseparable. His talents really shined during the ending of the FA Cup. Mancini has a father - son relationship with Balo and this will serve City well. No worries about whether or not Super Mario will use his family as an excuse to escape a team he does not want to play for.  

The mystery person would be brought in to replace Tevez, if the swap with Inter Milan goes through Eto'o will be able to serve City well for 2-3 years. Enough time for our invested youth to become the new EPL Champions.

Teams are never built by one player. The players are built by the team. This team has a bright future. Brighter then any in the EPL. If Tevez cannot see that and keeps making excuses as to not face reality then he does not deserve a spot on this team. His time has passed and as I said before, Tevez did not make Manchester City what it is today, Manchester City made Tevez who he is today. He was a wanderer, a skipper, someone who will truly never settle down. As much as I despise for bringing Sir Alex Ferguson into this, he was right in letting Tevez go. He saw what I see in him. No loyalty. No commitment. No future. He has hit his ceiling and he will never rise above it. 

Tevez is not worth the games. However other teams will want his skills which will be very well payed for and we should take advantage of this while we can. I am merely saying that Tevez should no longer be a part of this team. The last thing we would want is to shoot ourselves in the foot by keeping one player above the club. No individual will ever be above the club. 

I am sure there were some things I left out and for that I must apologize but this was a quick write up. So thanks to everyone that reads it and thanks to Jeremy for his well written piece and for Danny with his handy statistics. 

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