Ireland out, Gago in?!

Ireland out Gago in?!

If there are any City fans out there who know someone or who are in a position to do something, please act before it´s too late.

I´ve read recently that Mr. Mancini wants to sell Stephen Ireland and buy Fernando Gago. This makes me doubt Mr. Mancini´s judgement and would put him on a scale of Malcolm Allison (late 70s early 80s- Steve Daly, Mike Robinson etc).

I´ve lived in Spain for quite a few years now and havve followed Gago´s career at Madrid. Now he never features for them, he´s too slow (even for the Spanish league), gets caught in possession too much and too easily and his passing lets him down.

Gago is more of a defensive midfielder, playing in the Barry/ De Jong/ Kompany role, though without much effect. He is not creative either. So, why are City looking to sign a player for a position they have covered and in a player who is not getting a sniff at his present club on merit?

When Ireland has been fit and ticking this season, City have played their best football. On Spanish T.V. the commentators rightly say that City are not the same without him, they play less "football", that he is the axis that the team revolves around.

Without him Tevez has to drop back and do Ireland´s work as well as his own, thus reducing his goal scoring possibilities. With the rumour of Ireland being surplus to requirements it seems thet the Premier elite, Utd, Liverpool and Spurs would be interested. Which in itself is testimony to his worth and potential to a team..

Whereas Gago is not wanted by anyone, except Mancini. If City want to kiss 20m quid up the wall then there are better, more useful ways of doing it. Or, add a few more million and buy someone good, like Higuain.

Higuain arrived at Madrid at more or less the same time as Gago, both were young and questions were asked about them. Gago has not developed well while Higuain has taken every chance given to him and is now virtually an indispensible part of Madrid´s starting line up.

I´m a City and Stephen Ireland fan and feel that ireland should stay, should want to stay and take a leaf from Higuain´s book. When you get your chance grasp it with both hands, work your socks off, show the manager that you´re the best in your position, that the club needs you by doing what you do best. It´s too easy just to walk away to join another club.

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